About Rouvy

Rouvy is an indoor cycling application that aims at bringing the outdoors inside.
It is the most featured platform for trainer riding used every day by triathletes and cyclists around the world. The App includes 2,000 high-quality video routes, multiple workouts, group rides, online races, motivating challenges and a career program.






Why cooperate with Rouvy?

Rouvy Benefits

The Most Features
Bring entertainment into your bike shop or studio with thousands of high-quality video routes, workouts and our very new Augmented Routes. Rouvy is endless excitement for your customers.
Rouvy is Real
What makes Rouvy unique is its focus on real experience. The Rouvy App lets your customers ride anywhere in the world with nothing but a bike, a device and a smart trainer.
Rouvy motivates customers with branded challenges and career levels - where their performance is rewarded by our Partners' products.
Rouvy is for Everyone
Rouvy isn’t limited by any borders. Professionals, or active people who want to be fit, use Rouvy on all continents because Rouvy is for everyone.
Route Editor
Create a video route from a popular course in your region, or prepare a specific workout for your indoor cycling classes. Anything is possible with the Rouvy Route Editor.
Social Ride Anytime
Change your spinning class into a real group ride. Rouvy has features, like Group Rides or Online Races, that can be created by you specially for your customers. Just take them outside.


thousand km cycled with Rouvy
thousand kilocalories burned
hours spent riding with Rouvy
coutries from all the world

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  • Spidrova 90, 385 01 Vimperk, Czech Republic
  • Email: partner@rouvy.com
  • Website: rouvy.com