Change any exhibition into a fun and exciting competition for your customers with Rouvy and it’s BEAT the BEST.

Let your customers improve the experience of indoor cycling by riding sprint version of ​Rouvy Augmented Routes​. AR Routes simulate outdoor riding by combining realistic and high-quality route videos with animated 3D riders and objects.

Go to Rouvy App and choose from Rouvy Sprint folder one of the routes up to 1.000 meters long.

Set the ​time limit for the route and reward the competitors who ​complete the race within the limit time ​with little presents or discount coupons. Setting the new ​best time can be rewarded with something more valuable.😉

Valparola Sprint

One kilometer of the beautiful route in the Italian mountains – where everyone can get the most out of AR Routes just in 3 minutes.

Best time: 2:25

Limit: 3:00


Canyonville Sprint

The only 641m long flat route that can be easily completed by anyone. Although it takes only a minute to complete this route, Canyonville Sprint offers a spectacular view of the river valley with beautiful nature.

Best time: 0:52

Limit: 1:00


Xterra EU Champs 2019

757m long sprint on cycling part of the XTERRA European Championships in the Czech Republic. Wavy profile with some turns offers a rider to experience most of the Rouvy Augmented Routes.

Best time: 1:24

Limit: 2:30