How to get started:

    1. Prepare your B2B Voucher Code. You can only get a Voucher based on your completed Registration Form.
    2. Download and install the Rouvy app ( to your device.
    3. Launch the App and create the Rouvy Account. With the B2B account, you can easily change users anytime you need to, but we recommend using the name of your bike shop for testing.
    4. Activate the Voucher Code by clicking “Login -> Settings -> Subscription-> fill-out your Voucher Code”.
    5. Connect your trainer via Bluetooth or ANT+ and calibrate it.
    6. Setting & Testing To offer the best experience, don´t forget to set up the correct weight of your customer before testing.
    7. Choose one of our Augmented Routes, and let your customer explore the best of Rouvy.

Attention: The B2B Voucher can only be applied to one device. Please choose the device you want to use for Rouvy testing in your bike shop. If you need to change the device, please contact our support team –