Bike riding outside is a very popular way of how to be active and fit. But for more and more people it is getting difficult to fit a workout into a busy work schedule. Also when it comes to the weather conditions over the year, many athletes decide to buy rather a trainer and ride on at home. But this way can be short-term satisfaction without any excitement or motivation. That´s the reason, why Rouvy becomes so popular for the Athletes from different places and performance levels. The Professional cyclist or Triathletes use Rouvy for their structured training same as the Amateurs who are busy parents and businessmen. Rouvy brings the outside indoors. It is the perfect App having the power to change an opinion that indoor cycling is just hard and boring. Rouvy is an indoor training program that motivates its users by frequent challenges and career levels awarded with awesome prizes. Thousands of high-quality video routes, workouts and the very new Augmented Routes bring excitement and entertainment into every indoor cycling experience.