We are a global software company based in the Czech Republic. Our main product is the Rouvy – the App for indoor cycling. Our customers are mostly triathletes and roadies, who train on all kinds of indoor trainer brands. More than 37% of our users are from the USA, the rest is mostly from Europe.



The Rouvy is one of the top training programs for indoor cycling, offering a complete solution for tracking and analyzing all your training efforts. What makes us unique is our focus on real experience. The Rouvy app lets you ride anywhere in the world with nothing but your bike, a device, and a compatible trainer. Our indoor cycling reality platform includes 2000+ high-quality synchronized video routes, a training diary, multiple workouts, multi-rider mode for group rides, online races, motivating challenges and career levels. No matter what time, a weather or traffic, the Rouvy app lets you get outside and ride.


Augmented Routes

The very new feature of Rouvy is the Augmented Routes. Based on augmented reality, we combine our 2D video routes with the 3D objects and riders. This combination brings even more motivation and real feelings into your indoor training because nothing can beat seeing your competitor in front of you.